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Jon Thorstensen is a Norwegian composer, associate professor, jazz guitarist and pianist (Fender Rhodes) who tends to explore the borders between jazz and other contemporary music.


His music whirls in many different musical landscapes, often combining unison guitar and horn section lines to elusive and expressive instrumental jazz.


Jon has collaborated with Magnus Bakken and Sigurd Evensen (Silya & the Sailors), some of the highest profilated Norwegian musicians.

The guitar trio is a demanding and expressive musical form that fits very well into Jons guitar playing. The album «Mad Cow Disease» (2012) by Dead Baboon goes beyond the ordinary guitar trio sound palette but also bring reminiscence to The Police, Jimi Hendrix and Hedvig Mollestad Trio.

Some fans say it also sounds like … The Cure. 

In addition to his own music he likes to hammer out Dark Americana sounds on the Fender Rhodes el-piano with José Leguina

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